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Wednesday Woes-b-gone: AIRPLANES! by The Good Stuff

My little boy, J, is intrigued by anything that goes ‘really really really fast!’. He loves aeroplanes and can spend hours drawing them, building them out of blocks or folding them from paper.

This youtube webseries is all about aeroplanes, and J loves it! His favourite episode is the one about World Record Paper Aircrafts.

P.S. If you’re stuck for activities to do during these school holls, why not take a couple of paper aeroplanes down to the park or playground for testing?

~ Debs


Little Odd Forest Squirrel Nutkin Bag: A Product Review

I am such a fan of Lynda Lye from the Little Odd Forest, so when she gave me the opportunity to adopt one of her critter-themed creations, I was really very excited! I fell in love with her Nutkin the Squirrel series of handbags which I think are both adorable and functional.

After much deliberation, I finally adopted the Nutkin the Squirrel handbag in Olive (you can see him waiting patiently in the picture below).

The bag is beautifully handcrafted from soft but sturdy fabrics such as cotton twill and japanese canvas, with impeccable detailed stitching. I particularly like the gorgeous rust-coloured corduroy strap with its durable brassy metal rings. Nutkin’s little eyes and nose are made from synthetic leather, which is tactile whilst being vegan-friendly!


The bag has a surprisingly roomy interior so it makes for a brilliant (and affordable) alternative to the usual diaper bags and would also function very nicely as a travel carry-on!

In the picture above, you can see that the bag fits my baby carrier (on the left), as well as a wetbag containing nappies, baby wipes, some basic toiletries (insect repellent, sunscreen and hand sanitiser) as well as a change of kids’ clothes.

The zippered compartment is very large too, and holds all of my travel essentials: keys, wallet, phone, ipod and extra battery, sunglasses (for myself and the children), lipstick, and passports. There was plenty of room to spare so I was also able to fit in a water bottle!

I can hardly believe that the bag was able to comfortably hold all my paraphernalia without looking overstuffed!


I am rather a petite person, so I appreciate a large carryall bag that doesn’t overwhelm my frame. It is also rather nice to carry a bag that doesn’t immediately scream ‘CONTAINS DIRTY NAPPIES’ to all and sundry!


Doesn’t Nutkin the Squirrel look marvellous? He’s right at home in the country, but I think he’ll make a fun addition to any city-girl’s collection.

If you would like to adopt a little forest critter handbag for your very own or find a bunch of enchanting, whimsical accessories, do head on over to the Little Odd Forest and have a wander through the website!

~ Debs

Find Nutkin the Squirrel Handbag in Olive here.

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Music Mondays: Mission Impossible ft. The Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling

One of our favourite things to do before bedtime is to play hide-and-seek in the dark! Person who is seeking gets to hold a torchlight and creep around the house (with mummy or daddy).  The game usually ends in everybody getting tickled and falling into a big giggly heap on the bed!

J and Little E love playing hide-and-seek and they see this video as a grownup version of the same game! Lots of sneaking around in the dark and trying to be quiet!

~ Debs

Download the single here: http://bit.ly/12RDFre


Wednesday Woes-b-gone: The Complicated Chinese Family Tree by Off The Great Wall

I tried once to explain to my husband about the complexities of the Chinese extended family and failed miserably.

~ Debs

Find the cantonese version of this video here.

Design Your Own T-Shirt Kit from Bricolage Boutique (Part 2) – A Craftytimes Post and Product Review (With a giveaway!)


Last month, I wrote about the ‘Charm Necklace’ Design Your Own T-Shirt Kit from Bricolage Boutique which was a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce fabric printing to Little E.

Bricolage Boutique also has another Design Your Own T-Shirt which is suitable for both boys and girls, the ‘Story of my Favourites’ Tee.


This kit comes with a set of fabric paints and pens, a stencil, and a set of buttons and felt squares for embellishment – everything you will need to make an awesome teeshirt!

The fill-in-the-blank design of the ‘Story of my Favourites’ Tee allowed me to use a Tee-shirt printing technique that I have been itching to try out – Freezer Paper Stencils.

Freezer paper (which is easily available at supermarkets such as Cold Storage) is a plastic coated paper that is primarily used for wrapping meat and helps to prevent freezer burn. It is not the same as wax paper or greaseproof paper, which has a different non-stick coating. I was surprised at how simple it was to use the freezer paper as a fabric stencil.


I had J place a sheet of freezer paper over the teeshirt (waxy side down) and fill in the blanks, writing on the back of the freezer paper using a pencil. This allowed me to help correct any spelling errors as well as ensure that each word fitted nicely in the space available.

Using a craft knife, I carefully cut out each word, outlining each letter so that there was 2-3mm space from the pencil marks that J made. This allowed me to preserve J’s handwriting and turn it into a stencil which can be used for printing.

After aligning the completed freezer paper stencil carefully over the teeshirt, with the waxy plastic side down, I ironed it into place. I used a warm, dry iron and pressed down firmly for 5 seconds (With J counting next to me) in one place before moving the iron to another portion of the stencil. I continued until I had ironed over the whole stencil.

The heat of the iron gently melts the waxy surface of the freezer paper so that it turns into a weak adhesive which sticks to the fabric, sealing the edges of the stencil so that paint will not bleed underneath.


When the freezer paper was cool, it was time to paint! We put a sheet of plastic the plastic packaging that the shirt was wrapped in) inside the teeshirt to prevent the paint from soaking through to the back of the shirt.


I let J pick the colours and paint over the stencil by himself. When the paint was dry, J peeled off the stencil. As you can see, it worked a treat!


Next, it was time to work on the embellishments. For this, I had J look at some pictures on the internet to choose what he wanted his felt pictures to look like. To make things simple, we chose images that were comprised of simple shapes that would be easy for J to draw and cut out.

I let J assemble the felt embellishments and arrange the buttons on the teeshirt, and took a picture of his completed design. This was so that I would be able to remember how the embellishments were positioned when it was time for me to sew them into place. BBstoryback

The back of the teeshirt has a nice big space which I felt would be a shame to leave blank. I decided to trace one of J’s drawings onto a sheet of freezer paper, and turn it into a stencil. J diligently went to work colouring it all in.

When it was done, I fixed the fabric paint and ink by ironing over the reverse side of the tee-shirt.

BBstorycompletJ really loves his customised teeshirt! It’s become his favourite tee-shirt and he wears it as often as he can.

Bricolage Boutique has generously decided to giveaway ONE ‘Story of my favourites’ Tee to ONE lucky Picapie reader!

To win all you have to do is ‘Like’ the Picapie Facebook page (hint: there’s an extra entry for you if you comment on the photo relating to this post), then leave a comment below telling me one item that you like from the Bricolage Boutique store!

For additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each):

  1. Visit Picapie and leave a comment or review on any of the cards, then comment back here with a link to the item’s page. (One additional entry for each comment or review!)
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Entries close at midnight on 30th August 2013 and winners will be picked bia Random.org and announced on the Picapie blog and Facebook page on 1st September 2013, so make sure you check back here then! Giveaway is open to anyone with a mailing address in Singapore.

Good Luck!

~ Debs

Music Mondays: In Your Arms – Kina Grannis

I love this stop-motion music video from Kina Grannis!

Little E and J are so excited about the mosiac used to make the video…we’re thinking of making our own mosiac murals at home. We’ll probably use little balled up bits of paper, though. Jelly beans would probably end up inside little tummies instead of on paper!

~ Debs

Find the mp3 here.

Coveting: Bunny Pink Hat from Baby’s Breath

bunny_pink_hatBoth my kiddies are too big for a little beanie hat like this one, but I just could not resist sharing it. I particularly like the adjustable top knots that look so much like bunny ears. It would be so adorable on a tiny little newborn!


Find the Bunny Pink Hat here.

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